Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Success Tools - A New "Twist" on Affirmations

I am going to suggest a new category of affirmation called “Feedback Affirmations” or “Reinforcement Affirmations”. Ever since the time of Benjamin Franklin, the self-improvement literature has suggested that we:

a) Decide what we want then ...
b) Write it down, and then ...
c) Go about our day trying to achieve it.

But there hasn’t been as much literature on reinforcing the desired behavior when we do it. And yet, reinforcement is what instills good habits, and even “hooks” us on repeated success. Certainly, a personal coach or friend can give us a "pat on the back", but how about at the "micro level" , moment to moment, down in the "trenches" where it really counts?

So here is my suggestion:

Pick a habit or goal

In a pocket notebook, write at the top of the page : “I am fulfilling my commitment to _________________ by: "

Then as your successes go forward, immediately write them down as they occur to you.


I am fulfilling my commitment to better serve my clients by:

1/1/05 Returned all calls within 1 hour
2/2/05 Turned proposal around 3 days in advance of deadline
3/3/05 Chose to help the client make changes instead of fight with the client.

I speculate that the unconscious will then begin to look for opportunities to fulfill those commitments, knowing that we will have the opportunity to write them down immediately. I further speculate that we will find ourselves concentrating throughout the day on fulfilling these commitments, and not just at the time we make the affirmation (i.e. in the morning, etc).

As the commitments get fulfilled, and the successes mount up, this technique may prove valuable, and even create a “virtuous circle” of more affirmations/more reinforcements, etc. as we “catch ourselves in the act of doing something right”.

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