Sunday, November 25, 2007

Success Secrets: Best Techniques of the past Year

This blog was started in October 2006 . It has helped me collect and comment on the best books, blogs, sites, and techniques for achieving personal success. I have learned an incalculable amount by pursuing and collecting these techniques, and have made substantial personal progress from applying what I have learned. Since I just passed my “one year Anniversary”, I thought I would discuss some of the techniques that have worked the best for me this past year. This is Part 1 of a series .

1. Books

Reading books probably remains the single most underutilized success technique. Blogs are great. News sites are informative and current. But books contain detailed expositions of the best knowledge that is available, and often this knowledge is time-tested and proven. Books allow for more subtle and complex explanations, and for deeper examination of the topic under study. In my particular field of interest, trading and investing, I have read hundreds of books, and made steady, profitable progress.

Here are a few of my favorites (general success, not trading) from the past year:

How Successful People Win: Using Bunkhouse Logic to Get What You Want in Life

Ben Stein is a master of many fields. It is a gracious gift to us that he chooses to explain a lifetime's-worth of success techniques in a beautifully literary and philosophical way. Stein's advice is at an extremely high level: beyond category, and applicable to everyone.

Quantum Success: The Astounding Science of Wealth and Happiness

This book, by Sandra Anne Taylor, contains some truly original and highly effective techniques for changing your life. I mention a few of them in a continuation of this post. I have not seen any of her techniques duplicated in any other source. She is a true original.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

This book can make anyone better organized. Life just keeps on getting more complicated. This methodology cuts it down to size. As with Quantum Success, I will be elaborating on just what I like about this method in a continuation post.

Plus...many other books on trading, investing, and finance . Coming from a creatie field, i was not a natural trader. But I have made slow, steady, and positive progress. The financial results have been rewarding, but the psychic results have been even more rewarding. The reults are directly relatd to relentless readign of books on trading and investing. There is no substitute. not CNBC, not blogs, not anything.

2. Visualization techniques

Why do visualization techniques work? I sure as heck don’t know, but I feel strongly that they do, indeed work. There are dozens of types of techniques. Maybe they connect us with a universal source of Infinite Power. Maybe they create templates for the brain to match, bringing reality into “consonance” with our thoughts Maybe the world is in a constant state of quantum flux,and our thoughts “resolve” that flux into a single pathway. Maybe our view of the world, from inside of our limited bodies and brains, is just a “keyhole view” of what is out there, and, like Plato says, we are viewing a pale reflection of reality through our limited range of senses.

But whatever it is, visualizing seems to help make sense of our intentions. It helps tell ourselves (and the Universe?) just what it is we want. By concretizing our dreams, we “collapse the waveform” of possibility, focusing it, objectifying it, clarifying it and…perhaps manifesting it. Here are some of the techniques that have worked for me (and others) this past year:

“Pray for others first, asking for the same things that you want”
This technique appears to have true power. I have seen people that I have prayed for make remarkable turnarounds in their lives.

One such person beat his entire 2006 sales in the first month of 2007

Another went from a small , practically invisible services shop to vice president of a multi-billion dollar company. This happened early in 2007.

Yet another went from a condo in foreclosure to multiple job offers, equity participation in a successful firm, and additional outside consulting work. All in 2007.

Visualization using Huna breathing techniques
I have seen some remarkable results using the techniques I learned on HunaTrainer.Com
Visualization using the “energy ball” technique has brought some fascinating people into my life.

Daily Goal Exercise from Mr. Wang
In a recent post, I mentioned Mr. Wang’s approach of writing a page worth of goals down every morning. This technique opens a unique doorway from the unconscious as well as focuses the strongest goals, since they appear on a frequent basis.

I will continue to discuss some techniques that have worked for me this past year in Part 2.