Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Success Tools - The Affirmation Library

As I was reading Sandra Anne Taylor’s Quantum Success: The Astounding Science of Wealth and Happiness, I was impressed that she chose to end each chapter with a series of affirmations related to the subject of that chapter (confidence, Love, Energy, etc). It occurred to me to begin creating an Affirmation Library based on the affirmations in her book. I have been adding to my computer-based library each day from the affirmations in her book, keeping them in the categories she used in her chapters.

This way, I get to re-read each chapter’s affirmations as I type them into my WORD file, which could help impress their message into my subconscious. These affirmations also allow me to quickly review the messages that each chapter had to offer. And, down the road, I can easily review any or all of the affirmations when I need some for a specific area of my life.

Beyond the specific affirmations in the book, one could further add to one’s Affirmation library by creating specific affirmations for one’s specific life challenges (or successes): anything from a golf shot to a mother-in-law could be included in one’s personal Affirmation Library.

No one should consider distributing copyrighted material, of course, but certainly for one’s own archival purposes, an Affirmation Libray can be extended over a lifetime.

I am already finding that just a review of Ms. Taylor’s affirmations enables me to achieve a serene and positive frame of mind. A nice way to take a break during the day, too.

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