Monday, March 12, 2007

Success Tools - Your Intentions for Today

I am continuing to study Sandra Anne Taylor’s Quantum Success: The Astounding Science of Wealth and Happiness, a treasure-trove of personal development techniques. Time and again, she draws a parallel with quantum physics: the observer is a component of the observation. In quantum physics, the results of a measurement are, to some extent, dependent on the intentions of the measurer. Why is this true? They don’t know. Are we picking “one of many possible worlds” when we make the measurement? Are we “collapsing” a probability wave? Speculation continues.

It is easy to see how this translates into life. First and foremost, life is a series of probabilities, not certainties. How we prepare ourselves is, arguably, more certain than when and how we receive the results of our preparation. Even more closely parallel to the quantum metaphor, every single action we take is only one of a vast series of actions that we might take. Every word we utter, every route we take walking down the street, is only one of a myriad of choices we make from moment to moment. But, now we throw the concept of intention into the mix. If we assume that what we see, do, and experience is related to the intention of the measurer (i.e. our own intentions), if we truly believe that the “world out there” is only observable through the lens of our intentions, then the entire concept of our daily intentions assumes immense importance. We are going to see what we look for.

So, how do we “set up the measurement” so we see a world full of fulfillment and achievement?

One specific exercise that I found in Taylor'sbook, seemed to focus on the Intention concept with great clarity. She recommends spending “ a few minutes each morning meditating on or writing about your intentions for that day”. I suspect the results of this meditation would be very powerful, because such an excercise would “set up the measuring apparatus” for our day: what we intend to see, how we intend to feel, what about ourselves do we intend to honor, how and why we will go about our activities. The frame for the picture.

When we think about it, isn’t that what truly great people, people on a mission, people who have grasped their destiny…isn’t that what they must be doing? I cannot imagine a Bela Bartok saying to himself “gee, hope I write some good music today” or a Michael Dell saying “gee, I hope I run the company OK today”. Clearly, they have a rock-solid conviction that then plays out in results. Now most of us are neither Bela Bartok nor Michael Dell, but Ms. Taylor’s exercises very well might inculcate the kind of mindset, that bedrock of clear intention, that produces such towering achievements by those great ones among us.

Do you intend to find out?

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