Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Success Secrets - My Success with Written Affirmations

I consider myself a student of success techniques, and when one of them is working particularly well, I want to pass it on. Currently, I am finding that the technique of written affirmations is working particularly well.

Here is my story. Two and one half months ago I began writing down two affirmations on a daily basis. I wrote each affirmation 10 times. One of these affirmations, concerning bringing people into my life, is working particularly well. The question is, is this an unusual outcome, or could it be expected? I would, at first, try to determine if the outcome (a whole lot of people entering my life) is expected. After all, I am a big fan of networking, and I follow Keith Ferrazzi’s teaching of regularly “pinging” a number of people in my life. But here’s the interesting part: the people calling me and emailing me are not the ones I was pinging!! In fact, they are people who I had “let go of” because it didn’t seem like they wanted to hear from me. I find this particular side of it to be less explainable.

All I know is, it is working, and working consistently.

I will definitely keep writing down affirmations. By the way, I got my idea for returning to this practice (which I had neglected for a while) from a post by Scott Adams, which I reference here.



Aravind said...

Dont you mean Scott Adams and not Douglas Adams?

Manny said...

Thank-you aravind !!!

Leesa said...

His explanation in "The Dilbert Future" was much more complete.