Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Success Tools - LifeDev's GTD Cheatsheets

LifeDev has a superb “refresher” series on the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology entitled the GTD Cheatsheet, including the workflow, collecting, and processing of all of your “open loops”. I began my own GTD process about 6 months ago and have been delighted at the results. My mind is uncluttered by reminders. Longer-term projects now have a means of getting easily into my daily routine. I am also able to look much further into the future (well, into the future of things I am “waiting for”). This may sound a bit geeky, but I seriously look forward to my “Weekly Review” every Saturday morning. It increases the serenity of my weekend enormously.

I expect to keep these cheatsheets handy.


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