Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Success Secrets - My "Resonance" Experience Part 1

I have been reading Doug Newburg’s The Most Important Lesson No One Ever Taught Me which appears to be a novelization of his Resonance Model. I have mentioned Newburg’s concept of Resonance in various posts here and here.

One of the ideas of the model, as I understand it, is to note how you feel at different times, contrasting that with the kind of mental state you’d like to have. This concept can be applied in many areas of your life, right up to the BIG QUESTIONS such as career choice, relationships, etc.

I have been keeping some ”Resonance notes” about my energy levels and have found the results to be very fruitful. I have found that , for me, several behaviors keep my energy flowing well throughout the day.

Some of the procedures are:

Keeping hydrated
Eating foods with less preservatives, and especially fresher foods
Mild aerobic exercise during the work day (over and above my regular workouts

I have also noted more energy and serenity when I :

Am mindful of others’ feelings
Say empathic things
Stay quiet in conversation and avoid “preaching” or “teaching”
Write computer code
Help fellow investors

Conversely, I have identified some sources of major energy drains:

Sugary foods
Responding angrily or gruffly to people

Now these areas are only small corners of life. Newburg has worked with “giants” world-class musicians, athletes, surgeons, etc., who practice this craft at a “macro” level. They want, in Newburg’s terms, a “low buzz” of constant energy, and, of course, a rich life being deeply involved in their work. I can now see how one can work at this process, slowly carving out and focusing on those “Resonance moments” when we are engaged, involved ,and at our best.

I will post further on my experience with this concept, and about Newburg’s book as I continue studying it.



rebecca said...

Hi there,

I saw your comment on my blog post about resonance on Are you a member there? Just curious how you found your way to our site and my post?


rebecca said...

Hi there,

Thanks for your comment on my blog post about resonance on our site ( I'm curious how you found razoo and my post? Are you a member there?


Manny said...

Hi Rebecca

I am guessing I did a Google blog search since I am developing an interest in the Resonance model. I am certainly interested in any sources and insights you have. And thank you so much for your comment!