Sunday, April 15, 2007

Success Tools - Create a Life Plan

I have been a fan of the StartupNation Podcast for several years. I find the Sloan Brothers have delightful, breezy, and very encouraging attitude toward entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

On the StartupNation Website is a series of videos under the rubric 10 Steps to Open for Business, step 1 of which is to Create a Life Plan. I am truly impressed that this step is the initial step. Before we know what business we want to be in we need to know ourselves. It is certainly possible to get into business for the wrong reasons. How many unhappy lawyers come from families of lawyers? How many kids were told “You can’t do that!!! You’re not good enough/smart enough” or simply “That’s the craziest idea I ever heard”?

But, as Doug Newburg might say, it is Resonance that comes first. Where does the core of your being vibrate? What can you spend hours on without even thinking? This is not to say that business is some sort of Zen quest, bit that taking the time to explore for that natural fit should, one hopes, create a plan with more staying power, because it is built from the “inside out”

Create a Life Plan consists of a short video, a written guide, and some PDF/Word templates for exploring yourself. Topics include:

Current Status
Vision of ideal life
What do you live to do
What are your skills
Experiences you’ve had
Ideal Work Style
Your personal statement
Action Plan – Key moves you are going to make

All this is only step 1 in the Sloan Brothers’ 10 Steps to Open For Business…but it may be the most important one.


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