Sunday, April 15, 2007

Success Tools - Behance Action Pad

I was in a creative field for many years, and did well. One of my secrets was to think before I acted. While others rushed headlong into doing the creative project at hand, I took time to think first. Among the items I pondered were multiple ideas (instead of just locking on to a single one), various computer files I would need, key words that the client had mentioned, and lots of sub-ideas that occurred to me as I was thinking through the project. A lot of this I owe to my large stock of Brian Tracy materials. The results of thinking first and acting later made my creative work much broader and deeper, as well as more efficient.

I find that the Behance Action Pad looks very similar to the custom-made planner pages I had designed for myself for my creative planning stages. The entire company looks fascinating. I think it is time for the creative community to utilize such tools in a big way. I feel that the people that use such methodologies will be “lighting an afterburner” to propel their abilities faster, higher, and more efficiently.


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