Friday, April 13, 2007

Success Tools - The Brian Tracy Site

I was delighted to discover that Brian Tracy, one of the reigning masters of personal development, has posted an extensive selection of material on his site . I have been a huge fan of Brian Tracy over the years. Before I studied Brian Tracy I had no concept of financial independence. I first heard the term “Goals” in a Brian Tracy audio presentation. I attended Brian’s 1995 Mastermind Seminar and still have my blue binder from that life-changing event.

Now, I have a wall full of Brian’s materials…well over a dozen of his programs, but anyone who wants to begin the study of Brian Tracy’s work can now go to his site and access a treasure-trove of materials at no cost whatever.

Brian Tracy has devoted his life to defining the critical success factors of the major areas of human life: personal development, relationships, business, finance, and sales, to name a few. The knowledge he has collected is not based on fads, pop psychology, or the mysticism-du-jour. As such, it may seem too obvious, old-fashioned, or just plain hard. Too bad. It works. The truths are eternal, and one would be hard-pressed to imagine a life of lasting success that did not incorporate the principles that Brian Tracy has discovered, organized, and articulates.

Go to these sites. Go back often. You will find the highest quality information on personal success you can imagine.


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