Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Success Book Review: D. A. Benton "Executive Charisma"

D.A. Benton is an internationally recognized speaker, coach, author and consultant. She is an expert on executive skills, image, presentation, and effectiveness. Her wonderful book, Executive Charisma: Six Steps to Mastering the Art of Leadership is a cornucopia of secrets about successful leadership behavior. Although I am not now part of a large organization, I certainly wish I had read it during the years I was interfacing with executives at billion-dollar companies. As I think back to those who rose to great heights, and as I watch high-ranking leaders on television, the crucial principles that Benton elucidates in “Executive Charisma” leap out in strong relief. If one could master even one of her “Sacred Six” principles, it would probably make a huge positive change in their career. Master all six…and it’s a home run. But, there is no single moment of mastery. As Benton repeatedly reminds the reader: mastering her principles is a lifelong, vere-ending task.

Benton's "Sacred Six":
1. Be the first to initiate
2. Expect and give acceptance to maintain self-esteem
3. Ask questions, and ask favors
4. Stand tall, straight, and smile
5. Be human, humorous, and hands on
6. Slow down, shut up and listen

In my next post I will discuss a few of her concepts in more detail.

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