Thursday, October 29, 2009

Success Secrets: Ken Griffin, Billionire

Wonderful article on Bloomberg today about billionaire Ken Griffin of Citadel Investment Group. What can we mere mortals take away from an article about this titan? At least two key details.

Detail 1:
"He was always comparing himself to the biggest players on Wall Street,” says Frank Meyer, former head of Glenwood Capital Investments LLC"

As Brian Tracy says in so many of his books and tapes, part of your success depends on your chosen" reference group". Clearly Griffin, even as a student, saw his reference group as the the biggest and best

Detail 2:
" 'In retrospect, I wish I had had less leverage,' Griffin says..."

Warren Buffett calls leverage a "weapon of mass destruction". Both Jamie Dimon and Sandy Weil believed in a "fortess balance sheet" with a preponderance of assets over liabilities.

It is no surprise that, over and over again the key success secrets uncovered in this blog emerge as part of the personality structure of the greats. The only mystery...why so many have so much trouble emulating them. But then...that's why they're great.

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