Sunday, February 03, 2008

Success Secrets: Can You Spot Leadership?

I came across a great post on The Practise of Leadership blog entitled Spotting a New Leader. In my experience with leaders, these qualities are spot-on. Please read the entire post. In brief, the characteristics to look for are:

Leadership in the past.
The capacity to create or catch vision.
A constructive spirit of discontent.
Practical ideas
A willingness to take responsibility
A completion factor
Mental toughness.
Peer respect
Family respect
A quality that makes people listen to them

Since this blog also covers personal success, I think we should ask ourselves: "How Many of these qualities do I need to inspire myself?" If we aim to develop mental toughness, a willingness to take on responsibility, etc, we can first lead ourselves, and then, perhaps, others will also choose to be led by us.

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Linda said...

Hi Manny,

Thanks for this post -- agree with the characteristics listed. I've always wondered why one person may struggle to be a leader while others are totally comfortable in that role. What separates top performers from an average performer? Some are leaders at home, but not in a biz setting, and vice versa. Just some things I've pondered over the years.

Also just finished reading a book that addresses these leadership qualities and questions, too -- "Step Up!" by Daniel Grissom. I hope you'll find it as interesting as I did.


Manny said...


Thanks for your comment and book recommendation. I will certainly check it out. Please feel free to recommend books and other success sources anytime.