Friday, February 01, 2008

Success Podcasts: Bloomberg on the Economy

Bloomberg on the economy is one of my favorite podcasts. And yesterday, host Tom Keene had a fascinating conversation with Robert McTeer, the distinguished and brilliant former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas , who is also quite visible on numerous business TV shows and cable channels. I was delighted that , int he interview, McTeer, in effect, said that he (like myself) uses his iPod almost exclusively for podcasts, and is a special fan of the Bloomberg podcasts. He confirmed my growing intuition that these podcasts far beyond the ordinary. Over the last year, I began to understand that the Tom Keene podcasts were unique: brilliantly insightful interviews with the top minds in world finance, presented on a daily basis. I, for one, felt that my “mental model” of the world economy was slowly coming into focus as thnaks to my daily dose of Bloomberg.

There is something very special about Tom Keene, who clearly has profound economic knowledge, and the ability to demonstrate detailed understanding and fascination with each and every guest on his program. And he seems to know every book, theory, and equation in existence. Keene podcasts anywhere from one to three or four podcasts per day, and the sum total of his podcasts adds up to a cross-section of the brightest and most penetrating (not to mention up-to-date) thinking on economics and investment available to the podcast listener. I find that ongoing listening to Keene creates a shifting “cloud of knowledge”, a broad-brush consensus about current topics in the economy and investment world. And I also find that this consensus generally gets it right as far as predictions and trends go.

This multiple view, coming from so many eminent investment professionals and economists, is the closest thing most of us will get to an ongoing conversation with the “best and the brightest” in their field. The sheer volume of quality interviews, combined with up-to-the-nanosecond timeliness, is something that could not have happened before the Internet. These are fun times indeed.

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