Monday, November 06, 2006

Success Books - "How To Attract Good Luck" Part 3

Here are a few other points from How to Attract Good Luck which I hope will inspire you to explore this book.

Carr repeatedly notes that luck is our reaction to chance based an a host of internal qualities we might have. For instance:

Luck can turn from bad to good in a moment so we have to keep our morale up. If we allow circumstances to beat us down, our optimism, and thus our ability to realize that our luck has turned, will be compromised

Another point Carr makes is that we have to know what we want in life. Otherwise we would not know what a “lucky” event is. You are a lot more likely to spot that used Mercedes-Benz if you know owning one is your dream.

So...what might affect our luck for the worse? Carr can give us some guidance here too. If we are obsessive about the wrong things, we are liable to suffer from a “tunnel vision” effect, and thus miss out on luck. Other might see us as a little unbalanced and not offer us the same kind of chances that they might offer to others. For instance, a workaholic might find himself less “lucky” in interpersonal areas because of his obsession wth his work.

Another factor inhibiting good luck is a misunderstanding of our own abilities: the would-be U.S. Open tennis competitor might not understand that she could be a better coach than a player, and miss such an opportunity. A great programmer at Microsoft might not anticipate potential trouble as a manager. Or a newbie trader might overestimate his investment savvy and lose a lot of money.

Finally, Carr encourages to examine our faculty of judgment. Our judgment, he tells us, can be clouded by our emotional state. Are you too anxious? You might perceive risks as greater than they are. Are you too overconfident..." riding high”? You might lose it all through a misplaced assumption that you can never lose.

These points are only a few in this true gem of a book. A true classic, How to Attract Good Luck should be on every bookshelf. And... good luck!

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