Thursday, November 02, 2006

Succes Books - "How To Attract Good Luck" Part 2

This is part 2 of a review of Carr’s How to Attract Good Luck. Carr uses the term “Zest” to describe an attitude: an outgoing, curious engagement with the world around us: people, activities, and ideas. Luck, basically is going to come out of an encounter with something new: a new person, a new possibility, a new thought...and the only way to get those things is to look beyond oneself, with a positive frame of mind.

Carr calls Zest “The Short Cut to Luck”. He reminds us that, to truly take an interest in the world around us, we must get past our own fears, anxieties, and self-centeredness.

Zest means being curious about other people, because you never know how another person might help you. Zest means curiosity about ideas: exposing yourself to new books and new concepts.

Carr also cites generosity as a key to good luck. Why does generosity lead to luck? Carr explains:

The concentrated favorable attention of others increases the probability that they will remember a fact or conceive an idea beneficial to your interests.

There are ways to be generous to almost anyone you meet, beyond merely financial generosity. Do you know a website they might like? An article or book that would help? Do you have a friend or acquaintance they might like to know? A store they don’t know about? Even a word of encouragement or understanding is an act of generosity. Would you go out of your way for someone? Take a call from them if they need someone to talk to?

Carr tells might be a very lucky thing to do. He recounts case after case of strings of lucky events flowing from simple acts of human generosity. A lucky habit to acquire.

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