Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Podcast Review: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Let’s face it: most of us will not be able to ask tough questions of near-billionaire business executives, web pioneers, or world-class business thinkers. The students of Stanford, however, do have that opportunity, and we get to tune in on a regular bases by listening to the Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Podcast. Two of my recent favorites were the outstanding discussion of negotiation techniques by Joel Peterson, a heavy hitting real-state magnate, and the heartfelt and very honest interview with Gil Penchina who recently left Ebay for Wickia.

These podcasts are geared to be true mentorship experiences for the Stanford-ites, and the point of view clearly assumes that any listener is serious about learning the ropes from a pro who has really been there.

How these masters think, plan, schedule, and strategize is a trip to “rare air”. This podcast exemplifies the huge fire hose of detailed information now available from sources the average person could never hope to get close to in the pre-web era.

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