Monday, December 28, 2009

Success book Reviews; Thomas Stanley "Stop acting Rich"

Thomas Stanley , best-selling author of The Millionaire Next Door has added a fascinating new work to his paradigm-shifting catalog of research on the wealthy. It is Stanley who taught us that the rich often live frugal lives, buying Sears suits instead of Armani, and driving Chevrolets instead of Bentley. He continues that superb research here. From watches to wines, the millionaires just don't fit "central casting". They buy inexpensive brands, drink inexpensive alcohol and live in inexpensive houses.

Stanley also introduces a "glittering rich" category . He suggests that many non-rich "aspirationals" spend their money imitating the extremely successful decamillionaires, who actually can afford the high-priced brands, which few "garden variety" millionaires would ever touch.

Over and over Stanley shows us how deluded we are in our consumption-oriented lifestyles. The people we are imitating are often laughing at us...all the way to the bank. Their bank, that is.

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Chris Tang said...

I read this book when i was in college. The way this book teach us is about "The Road More Traveled", because it is simple,it is about save, live below your means, and invest.It is for people who want a stable and predictable path.It is not for those who are adventurous. Overall, this is a good book, i have learned a lot from it.