Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Success Tools: Thomas Stanley's website

I am an unabashed fan of Thomas Stanley and his breakthrough book The Millionaire Next Door, so it was a great pleasure to come across both a new book Stop Acting Rich: ...And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire and his wonderful website.

Thomas Stanley has studied millionaires for decades, and the results of his research have uniformly shown the rich to be primarily hardworking, unostentatious people, who live far below their means and who very much enjoy hard work, saving, investing, and the simple pleasures of family life . The website also contains a blog, which is useful for continuous inspiration as well as the wonderful nuggets of fact he serves up. For instance, this quote from his blog post Avoiding The Money Pit:

There are nearly three times more millionaire households (1,138,070 versus 403,211) living in homes valued at $300,000 or less than there are millionaires living in homes valued at $1 million or more.

I'm sure I will be heading back to his site frequently for inspiration and instruction

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