Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Success Book Reviews: 3 Quick Takes

I took the audio versions of Fox's book and Pickens' book along on a recent car trip across country. Fox's book was a truly outstanding and exhaustive treatment of client service, promotion, and self-management techniques, clearly written by a master. I found the sheer volume of ideas to be indicative of an incredible generosity. Fox is clearly a master and an insider, and this book is the next best thing to a world-class course in "How to Make The Sale Happen", with a minor in "How Not to Look Like An Idiot In Business".

Pickens' life end exploits are hugely entertaining. In one sense, his life reflects a habit of thinking big, learned at an early age,which, by its very nature, produced knock-on effects throughout his career. That lesson alone was worth the price of the book.

I have just begin to read Buffet's book, and I'm loving it. There are fascinating parallels with Alan Greenspan in some facets of Buffett's early development, notably facility and interest in data and statistics, while Buffett's Omaha-based practical streak added a penchant for making money and salesmanship, which led in a different direction. I plan on further comments at a later date.

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