Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Success Tools: Sony ICD-UX80 Digital Voice Recorder

I am loving my new Sony ICDUX80 Digital Voice Recorder. As a devotee of David Allen's Getting Things Done, I have kept small spiral notebooks "surgically attached" to my body for two years, and my daily routines and tasks have been immeasurably clarified , in part, due to jotting down ideas, references, etc. But I produced more notes in five minutes with this device than in a whole work day with the paper notebook. The main reason is that I don't have to appreciably interrupt my routine to stop walking, reach in my pocket, open the notebook, take out the pen, and, finally, scrawl a note to myself. The audio dictation process is actually mores streamlined than writing notes with a pen, and the USB port allows you to plug the device right into your computer and listen to the mp3 files it generates , by clicking on them on the screen.

The device allows a ridiculous 581 hours of recording, has crystal-clear stereo recording quality, and is certainly an evolutionary leap from tape-based voice recorders. I very much look forward to my new surgical attachment.

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