Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Success Tools: Mr. Wang on Goal-Setting

I recently came a cross a unique twist on goal-setting at Mr Wang Says So. He recommends writing a page of goals, at one sitting, every day. This is similar to, but still different, from periodic (quarterly or yearly) goal setting, or even Brian Tracy’s recommendation to write your top three goals every day.

I have been trying this technique, and it seems to awaken more brain activity than other methods. For one thing, I am guessing that the time it takes to write a fill page of goals is enough time to biologically activate more brain centers. I also think that exposing the unconscious to so many goals may allow it to “keep in mind” more goals, as opportunities open up during the day. Furthermore, I think the mind generates a wider variety of goals as it “gets in practice” through each days’ writing.

I think this method is well worth trying.


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