Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Success Videos - The Inspiration of Jim Rohn

Here is a video collection of short clips by master motivator Jim Rohn. Like Charlie Munger, he has the insights of a long and successful life, and, like Munger, he synthesizes these insights masterfully.

A few of my favorite concepts from this video:

Finding is reserved for those that search

This reminds me of Ben Stein’s concept of Activity and Mobility. You have to get moving. You have to stay active in the pursuit of your goals. Success doesn’t find you, you have do go out and find it.

Seize opportunities quickly

I have seen this concept over and over again in my research, starting with How To Attract Good Luck.

Produce All You Can

I have heard Rohn mention this in many of the programs of his that I have watched. It is a great way to unlock potential. To turn off the inner parent who does not want to be superceded, or the misguided advice of friends who might be envious. A great way also to short-circuit self-sabotage.

Stay The Course…hang in there

This also reminds me of Ben Stein’s remark “stay at the table” meaning, you need a long time to fully realize success. There is really no proof that you will succeed, until you succeed. How long does it take? As long as it takes.

There are many other great snippets of Rohn here, particularly on the subject of communication, and I think that those who do not know Jim Rohn’s work will want to go forward and get hold of his tapes and videos.


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