Thursday, October 18, 2007

Success Secrets: Scott Young on Task Completion

Scott Young spotlights a crucial success skill in his must-read post: The Art of the Finish: How to Go from Busy to Accomplished. If Woody Allen taught us "ninety-nine percent of success is just showing up", believe me, Scott Young brings us the other one percent and then some. Here is a short excerpt:

"From my experience, the most common trait you will consistently observe in accomplished people is an obsession with completion. Once a project falls into their horizon, they crave, almost compulsively, to finish it. If they’re organized, this might happen in scheduled chunks. If they’re not — like many — this might happen in all-nighters. But they get it done. Fast and consistently."

Scott goes on to describe a project-management system that aids completion-focus while not letting other creative ideas get away. This post is a keeper. Please read it all.


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