Thursday, October 11, 2007

Success Secrets: How to Retire at 50

Freemoneyfinance pointed me to a great article at MSN Money about 3 investors who retired by 50. As Freemoneyfinance summarizes it, these successful investors are:

Allergic to debt.
Acutely aware of the power of time.
More interested in their goal than what the neighbors think

The article is terrific. I recommend reading it in it’s entirety , but I think one of the outstanding points the author makes is that there is a key mental orientation that many of these investors made: they enjoy the more “abstract” pleasure of becoming wealthy while being able to endure the outward label of being “different” from their peer group. It takes fortitude to skip the fancy cars, fancy schools, fancy meals, etc, but… imagine the joy of never needing a paycheck again (although the retirees in the article continue to enjoy working).

Please read this article. It just might turn your head around.


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