Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Success Podcasts - Entrepreneurship from Talkshoe.com

I recently discovered a bunch of great podcasts at Talkshoe.com including a soup-to-nuts entrepreneurship course by Carnegie Mellon adjunct professor Mark Juliano. This generous lecture series is a priceless overview of the entire subject of starting a business, and should be part of any entrepreneur’s collection. Some of the topics covered:

Business Plan

….but the entire gamut of starting an enterprise is here.

With 23 lessons in all. Juliano takes pains to explain these lessons are sized at” podcast length” but are similar to the course he gives at Carnegie Mellon. Juliano knows whereof he speaks as he has been a part of several startups, and is a founder of Talkshoe.com, his podcasting host.

As if the lectures weren’t enough, the good Professor has provided Powerpoint slides, handouts, case studies, links, and a companion blog. This series is a paradigm of what an instructional podcast course should be.

Talkshoe also hostts several other extraordinary podcasts which I’ll be reviewing.



TalkShoe Team said...

Hi. I saw your blog post. Thanks for the complements. My goal is to help educate as many entrepreneurs as care to listen to my podcasts. This is far easier with podcasting versus regular college course (which I still teach) -- Mark Juliano

Manny said...

Thanks for your comment Mark! I think I am on lecture 2a or 2b and enjoying every minute.