Saturday, June 09, 2007

Success Secrets - Client Service = Marketing

I am enjoying a terriffic site I just discovered: which features adive from sales pros such as Brian Tracy, Bob Burg and many others. This quote from Tom Hopkins really struck me:

One of the biggest challenges facing any business is keeping in balance. In many
businesses, more emphasis is put on getting new business than serving existing
clients. Next to sales functions, customer service functions are vital to
overall success and must be given appropriate emphasis.
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In my opinion, sales can be rapidly accellerated through superb servicing of the current client, and this is essentially done with zero marketing dollars. Rapid turnaround of jobs, proposals, phonecalls, etc combined with a "service attitude" may in fact be one of the best forms of "marketing" around. Furthermore, great service has none of the "sleaze effect" of insistent phonecalls, "entertainment", corporate gifts, etc. In fact, don't you really want clients who come for the right reasosns (i.e. good service) rather than any other "fleshier" reasons?

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