Monday, May 07, 2007

Success Videos - Michael Fischer on Saving and Investing

Financial blog Getrichslowly has linked to a remarkable series of videos by Michael Fischer of Fischer clearly knows whereof he speaks, having spent nine years at financial powerhouse Goldman Sachs. What comes across clearly is Michael’s deep desire and commitment to help others just see how important finance is in all of our lives. The videos are:

The power of compounding
Providers and users of capital
The difference between debt and equity
What is leverage?
An introduction to financial statements
Why do financial markets exist?
What is a bond?
What is a stock?
What is a stock market index?
The importance of diversification
What is a mutual fund?
Types of mutual funds
The difference between active and passive management
An introduction to dollar-cost averaging
The impact of time
The three enemies of growth
Coping with high-interest debt
Getting started
5 popular misconceptions about money

Fischer has included many examples, and has clearly put a lot of time, thought, and organizational skill into these videos. Well worth watching.


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