Sunday, May 20, 2007

Commentary - How Many "Books Ahead" Are You?

Charlie Munger. Barton Biggs, Neville Isdell. What do Warren Buffett’s sidekick, a Hedge Fund Master, and the CEO of Coca-Cola have in common? They are passionate about reading, and feel it is the cornerstone of success for anyone. So… how many “books ahead” are you? Instead of measuring how many Plasma Screen TVs, cars, or houses you have, how about using the measure of what the most successful people use? How many books ahead are you?

How many books ahead are you in your field?
Everyone in your field is your competitor. How can you compete? Clearly reading will open the door to the advancements in your field, as well as to collateral advancements in other fields relevant to yours.

How many books ahead are you in Investing?
Do you want to leave your investments in the hands of your broker? A planner? Your accountant? The field of investing is changing day by day. Are you keeping up?

How many books ahead are you in business?
Are you aware of new worldwide trends? New lines of business you could be in? New styles? New standards? New worldwide markets?

How many books ahead are you in marketing?
If Search Engine Optimization complete changes every three months, how many people are reading what you neglected to read, and are beating you at your own game?

How many books ahead are you in personal development?

Who might be writing with a completely new approach to motivation? Interpersonal skills? Goal-setting? The ground is shifting under your feet. The answers keep changing.

How many books are you ahead of yourself?
Are you ahead of where you were last year? Someone once said “You are the same person this year as you were last year, except for the money you’ve saved and the books you’ve read”? How many books per year do you read? Did you know some people (very rich people) think in terms of how many books per week they read? Surprised? They find it crucial.

Human knowledge is exploding at an exponential pace. Much of this knowledge is immediately applicable to better our lives, our health, our finances, our relationships, even our souls. Are you “too smart” to read? Do you learn everything you need to know from drive time radio? Do you really think that will give you an edge? Do you really think there are no pieces of new knowledge you need to apply for the rest of our life?

Your competitors certainly hope so.

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