Friday, February 16, 2007

Success Secrets - Generating Sales Referrals

Paul McCord is a highly successful sales trainer, and a deep student of the selling process. He is the author of Creating a Million-Dollar-a-Year Sales Income: Sales Success through Client Referrals. His website is an excellent showcase of his many activities including coaching, corporate training, and seminars.

He also maintains a blog which answers real-world sales questions. Recent topics included “How to handle a Renegade” (salesperson), and a “Required Reading List” for sales reps. This blog looks to be an excellent ongoing reference for sales reps and managers.

This blog is a great example of the kind of high-quality, expert knowledge that is coming online from experienced professionals: the kind of knowledge that can greatly accelerate anyone’s learning curve. From personal development, to finance, to business strategy, to sales, the materials now available online can compress decades of effort into mere months.


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