Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Success Secrets - Develop Your Strengths

Great post in LifeDev on developing your strengths as opposed to "fixing" your weaknesses. As I mentioned in a recent post about Doug Newburg, successful people get that way by "digging deep" into the details of a field they love. But we have to eliminate a lot of other activites to do that. As the LifeDev post explains:

If you’re going to be productive, you have to concentrate on your strengths. If you spend all of your time trying to improve your weakness, your strengths will decrease, and your weaknesses will probably become mediocre. So you’ll be all around mediocre.

A great therapist once explained to me that we have to give up the youthful "fantasies of omnipotence" in order to get on with a productive life.

Maturity comes with accepting that we are all specialists; that each of us benefits from the special gifts of others, and that we contribute most to all in the few areas we have developed the most.


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