Saturday, February 03, 2007

Success Podcasts - Small Business Expert Ron Finkelstein

Small-business owners: you must listen to this podcast. Podcaster Wayne Hurlbert has an in-depth conversation with author and management consultant Ron Finkelstein on Blog Talk Radio. Finkelstein’s fascinating 1 hour talk only serves to scratch the surface of his decades of consulting experience. Finkelstein is an expert in small-business consulting and discusses his book Celebrating Success! Fourteen Ways to a Successful Company

Finkelstein has pioneered a business networking format called the Small Business Success Mastery Advisory Board composed of business owners-helping-business owners. He has skillfully abstracted and dissected the qualities that make businesses succeed.

Some of my favorite parts of the podcast:

  • Owners, even technically-based owners can become “rainmakers" for their businesses with proper sales training

  • Clients and employees (and all of us) need to be treated how they want to be treated, not how we want to treat them (the “Platinum Rule’, first articulated by Tony Alessandra)

  • Business processes can be studied, and successful processes can be duplicated

  • Successful businesses have important factors in common. Learn those factors, and your business will succeed.

Finkelstein does coaching, consulting, speaking, writing, and also has a blog. He comes across as a deeply thoughtful student of business: results-oriented, people-focused, and concept driven.

I look forward to listening to this podcast again and again, and to reading and reviewing his book.

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