Saturday, February 10, 2007

Success Podcasts - Matt May on Toyota

In a terrific podcast at the 800CeoRead Podcast page, Matt May author of The Elegant Solution: Toyota's Formula for Mastering Innovation describes some of the brilliance of preeminent auto manufacturer Toyota. What stands out for me in this discussion, is the author’s emphasis in the mindset he found as a consultant for the automaker. Their business planning goes far beyond “doing a job” : process improvement is in the DNA of every job and every worker. As May puts it: workers are hired to improve the work, not do the work: to make things fundamentally better.

He remarks on his experience on the production line that he was awed at the constant stream of suggestions flowing up from the line, quashing the notion that creativity comes from above.

He also outlines the deeply reflective process that characterizes the impulse driving the company. Some questions we might all ask like:

“What does perfection look like?”
“What is standing in the way?”
“What mechanisms can we put into place to define perfection?”

The podcast is inspiring as is the entire site.

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