Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Success Podcasts - Ed Oakley

Management consultant Ed Oakley is interviewed for an hour on Wayne Hurlbert’s Blog Business Success. Oakley is the author of Leadership Made Simple, and the penetrating techniques he reveals in this interview should apply equally well to personal or business success. Oakley has produced huge results in large corporations worldwide, but it seems to me that any business of any size, or any person for that matter, could instantly apply his techniques on an ongoing basis. Here is a short review of some key questions he suggests we ask in our management process:

What is already working?
- - Where do we agree
- - What are our successes

What Made it Work?
Analyze your successes instead of failures

What do we want to accomplish?
-- Vision
-- Target

-- Goal
-- Focus

What is the benefit to each stakeholder?
-- Customers
-- Employees
-- Bosses

What can we do more of, better, or differently to move closer to our objective?

Who will do what by when?

Review: What worked ?
- - (Cycle continues)

One of the many advantages of this process, is the emotional benefit of starting with a focus on the positive (what worked). This can lift the spirits of a problem-solving team and create a "template" to keep thnings focused forward...another great principle advocated by Oakley. Thanks to Wayne for a tremendous, in-depth podcast.


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