Thursday, January 04, 2007

Success Secrets -101 Tips from Business Intelligence Lowdown

Great Post here at Business Intelligence Lowdown entitled "Lessons from the Lemonade Stand: 101 Common Sense Management Tips".

Go read them all...but here are a few of my favorites...

#4 A great restatement of the "play your own game and not someone else's" concept that I have seen throughout many of the books I've reviewed here.

#6 Take calculated risks...with the emphasis on calculated. Warren Buffett, for instance, says leverage and alcohol are the two biggest sources of failure. Many of the business greats I've been reading about are happy to wait a decade or more before their larger dreams are realized. They are not about to move to early, with two few resources to back them up.

#14 Stress can be good. I have not come across any major success stories that didn't require putting huge amount of effort toward their goals...and that meant using a lot of time, energy, and personal emotional investment.

I am sure as I read this great post again, I will have many more favorites.

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