Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Success Secrets: Sergey Brin Video

An interesting video featuring Google co-founder Segey Brin. He makes a couple of very important points.

Technology, by its scalability is the “great democratizer”. As a corollary, technological tools will often tend to migrate to large numbers of users. I would also add that the tighter the margins, the more people the techies are going to have to grab as users. In other words, the only reason one can make any money off of an ad that pays $1.00 is from the enormous mass scale of delivery of that ad. Technology, by its very nature, is required to keep more and more of us empowered, and in the loop.

He also mentions that, at the formation of Google, he noticed there was little downside in trying to create his search engine. This pivotal fact is even more true now than it was at Google’s birth in the 90’s. Authoring software and plunging costs of computer power are cutting development costs by factors of 100+. This virtual elimination of downside risk is enabling a huge flood of new applications as any fan of TechCrunch knows.

I would also add, this seems to be a “virtuous spiral”, enabling more benefits to more users as each cycle of software and hardware rolls on. These are good times indeed for entrepreneurs.

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