Sunday, November 26, 2006

Success Books - "High Visibility" Part 1

What do Judge Judy, Derek Jeter, and Oprah Winfrey have in common? They are all “highly visibles”: a marketing category where people are transformed into brands, and earn huge incomes: tens or hundreds of millions per year. In High Visibility: Transforming Your Personal and Professional Brand authors Rein, Kotler, et al chronicle the nature of the visibility phenomenon, and how its spread can help many of us outside the entertainment and sports arena achieve the “visibility premium”: that “excess return” over and above the amount we can earn as non-visibles.

The authors explain that visibility is now a factor in law, medicine, finance, business, and other areas far-removed from the movies and the gridiron, and that it is available to many at the local level, and on up to the national and international level.

The key methods for obtaining visibility:

Location – are you geographically located on a place where “highly visibles” in your field ar elocated?

Are you in or near a market that demands your services?

Visibility requires using all modern methods for gaining attention , from websites to advertising to PR to billboards.

Visibility requires creating a distinct image that separates yourself from others.

The visibility Industry

Far from being a disorganized, random field of accidental stardom, the visibility industry has “grown up”. While there still are avenues open to individual “aspirants” at the “cottage industry” (do-it-yourself) level, at the top of the pyramid, the visibility industry has become heavily industrialized. The “highly visibles” of the world are in the hands of professionals for every facet of their career: market research, coaching, speechwriting, booking, PR, advertising, legal services and endorsement/licensing . The “star” will be the figure onstage, but they are backed up by these highly-proficient and highly paid professionals (agents,lawyers,coaches, etc), who, in aggregate, command up to 40% of the celebrity’s earnings. A fair deal considering the massive income streams generated.

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