Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Success Secrets: The "Clean Sweep Assessment"

Success is built on platforms. Certain support structures need to be in place to enable success to flower. If these platforms are not in place, success is fleeting. There are many stories of lottery millionaires who subsequently lose all of their winnings because of the lack of any structures in their lives that can support their success.

One of my favorite platforms is the Clean Sweep Assessment , a self-assesment inventory recommended by many personal coaches. It allows you to take a careful look at your Physical Environment, Well-Being, Money, and Relationships, and it is suggested that the inventory be re-taken a few times per year.'s not impossible to achieve success with lousy money skills, a disorganized environment, or with horrible relationship skills. But...can it last? Could your life be stable under those circmstances? And, indeed...what would be your measure of success if all the categories came up negative? Could it truly be called success?

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