Friday, October 20, 2006

Success Books - "Crashproof Your Life"

Thomas Schweich’s “ Crashproof Your Life” has an unusual demographic: it’s biggest potential audience probably consists of those who will never read it. The people in question, many of whom have good jobs, fine houses, cars, and clothes, are living in a dream world: they never think anything bad is ever going to happen to them. And yet, the “forces of disorder” as Schweich calls them, are everywhere: an errant email could cost you your job; an ill-considered signature guarantee could wipe out your savings; a divorce, or even a few college-bound kids, could bankrupt you.

Yet, as “Crashproof Your Life” shows, a mere 20% of your income, properly allocated, along with some reasonable spending habits, can put things together such that even a major life disruption will not put you out of the game. And you’ll still have money for life’s little luxuries.

Case in point: those who read Schweich when this book was published a few years ago, would have put a small but significant amount into gold, and would have had the pleasure of seeing Scwheich’s words become reality as gold soared.

But Schweich’s point is not to have you hoard precious metals, but rather to change your thinking from acquiring status-symbol consumer goods toward achieving the true self-esteem that derives from properly building and protecting assets for a lifetime. And one of the greatest assets one can acquire, as Schweich tells us, is the ability to “sleep at night”.

If you’re reading this and you’re up late worrying about that home equity “Crashproof Your Life".

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